Plant based Drinks

Plant based Drinks


Valsoia plant based drinks, available in Soya, Rice and Oat versions, are an excellent alternative to cow's milk because they are naturally free from lactose and therefore easy to digest.

Good and nourishing, they are excellent at breakfast, as a snack or at any other time of day.

Valsoia plant based drinks are also ideal in the kitchen as ingredients in dishes with vegetables, milkshakes and cakes.

Rice Drink

Rice Drink


100% Plant-based, Naturally Lactose Free, Organic, with Calcium and vitamin D2, Low saturated fat content.


Water, rice* (17.2%), sunflower oil*, calcium citrate, Lithothamnium algae calcium, sea salt, vitamin D2. * Organic

Nutritional Values (per 500ml)

ENERGY: 289 kJ, 68 kcal

FAT: 1.2 g

of which saturates: 0.2 g


of which sugars: 6.9 g

FIBRE: 0.2 g

PROTEIN: 0.3 g

SALT: 0.10 g

VITAMIN B2: 0.21mg

VITAMIN B12: 0.38 μg

VITAMIN D: 1.5 μg

CALCIUM: 120mg


1000 ml
Tetra Brik Aseptic


12 months at room temperature. Once opened store in the refrigerator (+4°) and consume within 4 days.

Can be consumed by those who are intolerant to milk or allergic to milk protein, by coeliacs, vegetarians and vegans.