Yogurt Non-dairy Alternatives
Red Fruits - Almond base

Red Fruits - Almond base


100% vegetable, With Live Cultures, with calcium and Vit B2 B12 and D2, low in fats and saturated fats, naturally lactose-free, gluten-free.


Almond drink 73% (water, almond paste 1,4%), red fruits (10.1%) (strawberries, wild strawberries, raspberry puree, red currant puree), sugar, pea proteins, dextrose, sunflower oil, modified starch, citrus fiber, calcium phosphate, thickener: pectin, aromas, concentrated black carrot juice, acidity corrector: citric acid, vitamins: Riboflavin (B2)-B12-D2, live cultures.

May contain traces of soy and other nuts.

Nutritional Values (per 100 g)

ENERGY: 316 kJ, 75 kcal

FAT: 1,9 g

of which saturates: 0,3 g

monoinsaturi: 0,7 g

polinsaturi: 0,9 g


of which sugars: 9,1 g

FIBRE: 0,9 g

PROTEIN: 3,0 g

SALT: 0,13 g

VITAMIN B2: 0,21 mg

VITAMIN B12: 0,38 µg

VITAMIN D2: 1,5 µg

CALCIUM: 120 mg


2 x 115 g
Pot, Cluster


keep refrigerated at  0°C and +4°C

Can be consumed by those who are intolerant to milk or allergic to milk protein, by celiacs, vegetarians and vegans.
May contain traces of soy and other nuts.